Our Philosophy

Verdi // Norwegian Bokmål
in english: Value

Our Vision

Verdi Oncology stands apart from other practice management companies through our deep understanding and commitment to the latest in cancer research and best practices. Our leadership team is committed to continuously providing the best in cancer research and opportunities to our physician partners. We do this in four distinct ways.

Patient Centric Care Icon

Patient Centric Care

Patient centric oncology systems function to foster healing relationships, exchange information, respond to patient and family emotions, manage uncertainty, help make decisions, and enable patient self-management.

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Clinical Trials

Verdi is dedicated to providing access to early phase clinical trials in the community setting. Our focus is on early phase trials with a concentration on phase I and Ib/II.

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Value Based Care

We provide our physician partners with the infrastructure and resources to successfully deploy value based care programs. Our focus on data-driven best practice development helps support OCM, MIPS, and other APMs, and promotes quality outcomes.

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Quality Systems & Technology

Creating information technology is a science, making it useful is an art. Our team provides the best in systems and technologies to help any practice improve and scale.