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"Our focus is always on the patient–who is always more than the disease. "


Horizon Oncology

A Verdi Practice

As a proven leader in oncology and hematology services, Horizon Oncology Center delivers top-notch diagnostic and therapeutic options to our patients as well as offering advanced cutting edge treatment that supersedes our competitors. Horizon Oncology Center provides quality, compassionate care, respecting the individual needs of our patients and their families. Our providers are consistently known for their excellence in oncology practice as well as exhibiting a delicate atmosphere of trust and concern.

Nashville Oncology Associates

A Verdi Partner

The providers at Nashville Oncology Associates are known for their excellence in oncology practice. By creating and nurturing an atmosphere of trust and concern, the practice always puts the patient first. Nashville Oncology Associates offer comprehensive oncology services using advanced diagnostic methods, therapeutic options, and cutting edge treatments. All of this while giving a personal and reliable touch.

Verdi Cancer and Research Center


Verdi Cancer & Research Center of Texas delivers medical oncology treatment options and compassionate care. Also, we believe in helping patients regain control by educating them about their disease and options. Verdi Cancer and Research Center of Texas provides personalized care.