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Protecting Community Oncology

Despite their vital role in delivering cancer care, community oncology practices face numerous challenges in today’s complex, competitive, and demanding healthcare environment. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for practices to stay profitable. Still, with the right expertise and support, significant opportunities exist for smaller community-based practices to thrive. This is the space where Verdi exists – investing to protect and shape the future of community-based oncology.

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You have invested time and energy, building a practice whose mission is to provide high-quality, affordable oncology care to the patients in your community. Verdi Oncology’s mission is to help ensure that YOUR mission continues to be fulfilled in the future and that your practice is well-positioned to grow and thrive. And, while the prospects of finding a partner might be attractive, we appreciate that you do not want to lose the ability to direct your practice’s future.

An important part of our model is that the practices with whom we partner maintain their independence, and the providers have a strong voice in our organization’s direction.

100% control of clinical decision-making

Keep original Tax Identification

Local practice management leadership

As a practice service portfolio organization, Verdi Oncology brings clinical innovation, a patient-centered orientation, and management infrastructure to smaller, independent oncology practices. Practices that join the Verdi Network benefit from:

Centrally-Supported Patient Services

  • Comprehensive precision medicine programs
  • SMO supporting early-phase research trials
  • Care Management program
  • Mental and emotional counseling
  • Financial counseling
  • In-office dispensing support

Clinical Engagement, Support, & Development

  • Monthly Physician Council meeting
  • Quarterly Pharmacy & Therapeutics-meeting
  • Dedicated Medical Director supporting clinical operations
  • Rich, searchable, and current treatment regimen library
  • Staff learning and development forums

Capital & Resources

  • Market development and expansion support
  • Systems infrastructure to support efficient practice operations and clinical workflows
  • Foundation and expertise to support value-based care delivery
  • Centralized drug purchasing and leveraged discounts
  • Revenue diversification opportunities

Administrative & Operational Support

  • Semi-automated revenue cycle/related best practices
  • Robust patient assistance programs
  • Procurement analytics used to inform drug purchasing protocols
  • Financial planning and working capital management
  • Streamlined preauthorization practices
  • Emerging, disciplined payor & direct-to-employer contracting

Shaping the Future of Community Oncology, Together

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We’ll never tell a physician how to practice medicine. Our physicians make all clinical decisions for their practices and their patients.

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