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A systems and process approach to quality and technology.

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Advanced Technology

Every oncology practice is a unique care delivery system, comprised of a series of individual processes. We use a proprietary set of ISO 9001:2015 tools to help organize the management of the care delivery system around a clear set of priorities, objectives and process improvement tools - lean and six sigma. Our proprietary system integrates process control and project management to integrate continuous improvement with data-driven analytics.

Creating information technology is science, making it useful is an art. Technology is a powerful enabling tool for clinical care delivery systems, but a dubious panacea. It is expensive, difficult to learn and continuously evolving. The addition or change of technology is painful and always negatively impacts productivity in the short term.


Our approach to technology is simple and begins with an assessment of your current systems portfolio:

What systems do you currently use, and do they meet your needs?

Are you using your current technology to its maximum potential?

What are the weak links in your technology portfolio based on need, cost and security?

What alternatives are available, and how should we rank and prioritize them?

What are the technology portfolio investments that should be incorporated into a technology plan for your practice?