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Our focus is always on the patient.

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Educating and Empowering Patients

Our driving concept for care delivery is simple, we treat patients with cancer. Our focus is always on the patient – who is always more than the disease. We focus on the needs of the patient in designing the plan of care to fit the needs of the individual. Patient centric oncology systems function to foster healing relationships, exchange information, respond to patient and family emotions, manage uncertainty, help make decisions, and enable patient self-management.

A systematic study and review by the Association of Community Cancer Centers for its Achieving Excellence in Patient-Centered Care initiative identified six overarching elements of patient-centric care: Communication, education, and shared knowledge; involvement of family and friends, Coordination, collaboration, and team care; sensitivity to non-medical and spiritual dimensions; respect for patient needs and preferences; and free flow and accessibility of information. Verdi is dedicated to patient centric care, and is adopting the patient centric medical home to make it a system inside our organization.