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How Does Community Oncology Expand Access to Patient Care?

October 25, 2022

Research shows that community oncologists treat around 80% of the population diagnosed with cancer. As the battle against cancer continues, physicians are looking for new healthcare methods to enhance patient care to improve patient outcomes. One of the best ways to expand patient care access is by enhancing community oncology

Community oncology includes private, physician-owned practices that offer cancer treatment and comprehensive care services in rural and urban areas. Community-based oncology practices can help enhance patient care by providing coordinated patient services in one setting. 

How Does Community Cancer Care Improve the Patient Experience?

Oncology care at the community level enhances the patient experience, which has greatly impacted overall patient health. These centers allow patients to receive the cancer care they need in a facility close to their homes. Not traveling hours to undergo treatment can significantly enhance a patient’s mental and physical well-being.

These community cancer centers also provide various on-site treatment and care options. For example, in-office dispensing offers easier access to essential therapies in a more controlled setting. Additionally, it helps patients fully understand their prescribed medications. With in-office dispensing, physicians can coordinate with pharmacists in one location to create an ideal treatment plan and improve patient outcomes.

Patients want to feel cared for and respected by their oncology care team. Community centers for oncology treatment help local physicians develop relationships with patients in their area. As a result, patients experience enhanced mental well-being throughout their treatment.

Community Oncology Provides Personalized Treatment and Care

There are many clinical pathways for treating patients diagnosed with cancer. However, the more facilities a patient visits and the more medical staff members they see can hinder their treatment plan. Treating a patient at one location ensures that the patient’s condition is well by their understood and that direct care teams can adequately communicate about each patient’s care and treatment. 

Having community treatment locations for oncology allows for 24/7 monitoring of patient care. This helps staff members easily identify issues like side effects from certain medications. Instead of going through numerous physicians and pharmacies, patients can get alternative medicines via in-office dispensing at the community pharmacy.

Other benefits include increasing adherence to therapy, significantly reducing treatment delays, and suggesting hospice when necessary to lower overall costs. When patients get treated for everything they need at one facility with a care team they’re familiar with, their mental and physical health can drastically improve.

Why Is Community Oncology Important?

When treating life-threatening health conditions such as cancer, a patient’s access to quality care plays a prominent role in their well-being and treatment outcome. Community-based oncology helps provide an affordable treatment facility close to home.

A local community of physicians and access to an on-site clinic pharmacy and other cancer services can simplify patient treatment. When patients have easy access to the care they need and feel well cared for by their local community-based oncology center, their mental health is less likely to deteriorate throughout treatment.

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